Mayor Should Accentuate The Positive

The Labour candidates for Palmerston North City Council encourage Mayor Grant Smith to focus on running a positive re-election campaign and not to get bogged down in making negative statements about people in the running to work with him on council.

Responding to comments Grant Smith made during a mayoral candidates event, Sheryll Hoera says “Grant has an opportunity to articulate his vision for our city and his plans for his first full term if re-elected. That’s what he should focus on.


“We are standing as a team so that people know what we stand for and so that the communities we represent can have a voice at council. Personally, I would not have stood if I wasn’t part of the team. I don’t have anyone who can donate thousands of dollars to my campaign. I’m relying on the people-power a team can deliver.


“However many of us are elected, we will not form a majority on council and we intend to work constructively with the Mayor and other councillors to deliver the outcomes we are campaigning on.


“Grant is right that the council has been divided in the past. That came about when people who professed no political allegiance before the election formed a political block that nobody voted for and it happened without formal political party involvement.


“We agree with Grant that voters should look at candidates' personal attributes and what they support. We are totally upfront about our values and our priorities. People know exactly what they will get when they vote for us.

“We are running a positive campaign accentuating our candidates’ skills, experience, values and priorities. We encourage all candidates to do the same,” says Sheryll Hoera.